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Easter road precautions Semana Santa

Easter precautions on the road Semana Santa

Next week is Easter and you may have thought of going on a trip and however you are going to use your car on the roads. Accidents increase at this time of year, so we recommend maximum caution and here are some tips to help you travel safely.

  • The day before, take the car and check: the pressure of the tyres according to the manufacturer. Check that the tyres are not pinched, as you could suffer a slow puncture on the motorway. Also check that the battery is well charged (if you changed it some time ago). Top up your windscreen fluids.
  • You could download an app that talks about traffic congestion to avoid traffic jams.
  • This is something obvious, but much more important than you might think: get plenty of rest the days before, there are still accidents due to falling asleep at the wheel unfortunately.
  • During the journey, make sure you stay well hydrated and make several stops if you are going to drive hundreds of kilometres. Try to rest for 90-120 minutes.
  • Of course, do not drink any alcohol; it is still one of the most important causes of traffic fatalities.
  • Respect safety distances. And this is key, separating yourself further from others will mean you can make a split-second manoeuvre to save the lives of your own and other drivers.

This we believe is of the utmost importance.

And please be very careful!

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