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Everything you need to know about timetables at the airport

Everything you need to know about timetables at the airport

Who doesn't like to take a plane and travel to any dream destination? It really is much more comfortable and faster than travelling by train or car. However, the fear, so to speak, when it comes to travelling by plane is the obligatory walk through the airport.

The dread, so to speak.

Having to arrive several hours in advance, go through the screening process, analysis and security, it's an extremely tedious process and then after it's all done wait, wait and wait.

When it's all done, you wait, wait and wait.

However, with this article we want to give you all the necessary clarifications and certain tips to take into account when starting your journey. We assure you that by the time you finish reading, you will have the right orientation regarding the timetables and you will be aware of every detail. If you organise yourself properly, your time at the airport won't turn into chaos and you'll be able to take the time to meditate if you wish. Let's get ready for the next trip!

What time do I have to be at the airport

What time do I have to be at the airport?

This will depend on the destination you are going to. If you are travelling to a city within your own country, being at the airport 1 hour in advance will be enough, but if your destination is abroad, then the minimum time you need to be at the airport is 3 hours in advance. But if your destination is abroad, then the minimum time you should be at the airport is 3 hours in advance (some people arrive 5 hours earlier, depending on the country they are in).

However, there is an explanation for these hours of anticipation. The first thing you will do when you arrive is to locate the area where your airline is located and then check in. Here you present your boarding pass, your details, your luggage to be stamped, etc. This really is a quick process, but it can take a while depending on how many people are already waiting.

Then you will have to go through check-in and this can take a bit longer than usual. So to avoid a delay due to the number of people waiting and not being able to avoid them being present, it is best to be there a few hours before the departure of your flight.

Airport arrival time for international flights

Airport arrival time for international flights

Many airlines recommend that for international flights, passengers should be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure. It is independent of the day of the flight or whether you have already checked in your luggage or not.

These extra hours are important because:

  • You will be able to check your boarding pass and baggage with peace of mind.
  • If you have to leave some items behind during customs checks because they are prohibited or exceed the weight limit, it will take time to take them out and put them back together again.
  • Due to the Covid-19 situation you may need a vaccination card and perhaps other security measures depending on each airport and airline, so it is best to allow plenty of time to resolve any health issues you may have..

The aim of arriving early is to resolve any possible setbacks that may arise and to avoid at all costs that the boarding gates close without your having passed through first.

How long before turnover closes

How long before turnover closes?

The check-in area is available from approximately 4 hours before the departure of flights, just try to be present during that period of time. The cut-off time depends on each airline, but in general it is 45 minutes before your flight time.

If your flight is 45 minutes before departure then you may not be allowed entry as after check-in comes the security area which takes longer and during the process the boarding gates close 20 minutes before departure.

It is therefore important that you arrive early, present your identification, receive your boarding pass, check in your luggage if you wish and complete the check-in process as soon as possible.

What is boarding time

What is boarding time?

Boarding time is the time at which you can enter the area of the airport where you can then board the plane. It opens approximately one and a half hours before departure and remains open until half an hour before departure.

It is very important to get into this lounge as quickly as possible because after the doors close you will not be able to get in. It is also prudent to be there some time before because if the plane is full, the boarding time may close earlier than expected.

If you have not shown up with your ticket by the check-in deadline, the airline may offer your seat to any other customer on the waiting list, they will notify the boarding area and the boarding area may close its doors.

You have to know that when you board you will not be able to go out again, so you have to be sure that you have already solved everything and you are not waiting for anyone else before you can go through. Inside this room you will find everything you need, such as places to charge your mobile phone, where you can buy anything and eat, toilets, etc.

Everything you buy in this area you can take with you on the plane and you will also get better prices as it is a border-free place, you will practically be in no country and as you don't have to pay taxes, prices are usually cheaper.

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